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Why I Love It Here (AKA Confused Beaver)
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There are many reasons I love living out here. This is just one of them.

Back in LA, the newspaper didn't have all of the local police calls listed in it. There were far too many and to have a section devoted entirely to all of the LAPD calls would probably take up the entire paper. However, the evening news was always peppered with stories of rape, murder, child abduction / molestations, gang violence, random car shootings, robberies, etc. Well, you get the point. Out here our top news stories are usually about a new movie theatre being built that has a bar and will be for people 21 and over only, or a new act signed to Summerfest... but I digress.

Out here our little local paper (which for some reason we get for free every week) has a listing of all the local police calls (and all the local custard stand flavors of the day). Want to see what people out here are calling the police for? Check this out.

"1. At 8:38 p.m. March 22, a 41-year old woman reported that a beaver "looking confused" was walking down the lakefront near Main Street and West Wisconsin Avenue. Police were unable to locate the beaver, according to the report."

As Rob said... this is like one of those things you'd see on Leno. Confused beaver. Yeah. Wow.

But you know something, the fact that THIS is what the police out here are getting calls for makes me happy. It's so much better than what you would see on the news in LA. I think I like living in a place where people worry about confused looking beavers.

Just one of the many reasons I love living out here.


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