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Working On A Care Package
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Unlike the last two days, today was very productive. I've decided that a very close friend of mine who is having a difficult time right now needs a care package sent to her. This means I can't post the exact items I bought for her on here, but I can at least mention the shopping I did. I'll be shipping the package off on Tuesday considering the fact that the Post Office will be insane with last minute tax mailings on Monday.

So, we did a lot of running around today. We went to the drug store as our first stop. Then we headed to the mall. Rob waited with a sleeping Gabriel in the car as I ran in. I made a run into Hallmark for a card and a few other items. I went into Bath and Body Works for some body wash for myself. And I went into Old Navy and got two pyjama sets for Gabriel. After the mall we headed to a local Lenscrafters and Rob ran in to get a screw that was coming out of his glasses tightened up. We also grabbed some Chai at a nearby Starbucks.

We then went to Babies R Us. Gabriel was still sleeping and we didn't want to wake him because he would get super cranky. Rob ran in first and got some diapers and an extension for our play area. When he came back to the car I ran in and got some items for the person who will be receiving the care package (yes, I know mentioning the store now means that this person knows who they are... that's fine by me, now she knows to expect something in the mail). We then went to USA Baby and I also picked up a few items for the care package there as well. Once that was done we picked up some Indian food to bring home with us for dinner.

I have no idea in what warped reality I thought eating Indian food would be a good idea when I'm having bathroom issues. Yikes.

Nothing decent was on TV tonight so we gamed. I'm still loving my new character and the game. So far every game has been amazing and I don't think I'll get bored of this character for a long time.


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