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There's Custard At The End Of The Rainbow
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Earlier in the day we played fort with Gabriel and got him to take a nap. Therefore the three of us got to take a nap (all in our bed) until around 3pm. Wow, that was nice. I've said it before and I'll say it again - there isn't much better than snuggling with my boy and my hubby in bed and napping.

Later on we headed out to the grocery store to get a lot of grocery shopping done. We managed to actually avoid a baby freakout this time. We kept the cart moving, did things as fast as possible, and let him be a plastic termite on a bottle of Cheerios that we were going to buy anyway. After grocery shopping the groceries were taken up into the apartment and then we went to Chipotle to pick up dinner.

We saw something cool on the way home. There was a rainbow and from the angle we were at it looked like it ended at Kopps. Kopps is the custard place that looks like a church or temple that I mentioned in a previous entry. I guess there's yummy frozen custard at the end of the rainbow!

Tonight we watched Deal or No Deal and Thank God You're Here. We gamed (another amazingly fun game) and played with Gabriel. Now I have a ton of things to get done online because I didn't have the chance to get on earlier.


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