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Goose Walking Down The Road
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Both Rob and I were super tired today, so when Gabriel took a nap in our bed we didn't hesitate to take a nap right along with him. We didn't set an alarm because when something wakes Gabriel up (as opposed to him waking up on his own) he's usually super cranky for the rest of the day. No alarm meant that it was Gabriel that would wake us up... around 4:30pm! So, the day was pretty much shot because after getting ready it was already 6pm. No biggie. We all needed the sleep and anything that was going to be done today can be done tomorrow.

So, we stayed in. We ordered in Chinese food for dinner, watched American Idol and some of House, and gave Gabriel a bath. Rob bathed him tonight and at one point when I was out of the bathroom Gabe looked around and asked for me. I've been bathing him recently and apparently he wanted a Mommy bath. Looks like I'll be doing the next bath. *smiles*

Oh, during American Idol we had a bit of weirdness. I was watching the show and Rob told me to look out the window because a goose was walking down the street. I looked out and sure enough, a goose was walking down our street. It went right by our apartment and into the area next to us that's being surveyed for development. It didn't just fly there, it decided to walk down our street. I can add that to my long list of why I love it out here. If a goose ever walked down our street in LA, it would have been roadkill in seconds.


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