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Dirty Birdy Sex
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My tummy hurts.

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This morning two mourning doves came onto our balcony and started having sex. I think this kind of horrified Rob. When they were done they crapped all over the place. Rob statement to me was "and why exactly are mourning doves your favorite birds???". I think they're pretty and I love their call.

Today we did a lot of running around (which was interupted by a lot of bathroom stops because my stomach is still super messed up). We went to the bank so I could deposit my checks. We went to the post office to mail out some bills. We grabbed lunch at McDonald's (big mistake seeing as how about ten minutes later I was in severe pain and in desperate need of a bathroom). We went to USA Baby and Rob ran in and got a new mattress pad for Gabriel's bed. We stopped at Goo Goo Gaa Gaa and Rob ran in and got a pair of sunglasses for Gabriel. When then made a pit stop at home for me to use the bathroom.

From there we headed to our local game store to get this months D&D book, some Unhallowed minis, and I picked up a large Horror Click of Cthulhu. We then went to the pet store where I got Sydney some food (he's now eating - and really liking - California Naturals chicken and rice and Evo - he didn't like the Innova Senior formula so my Mom will be taking that bag for her cat).

We then stopped at Starbucks because I needed a bathroom and wanted some Iced Chai with Soy. After that we drove around and looked at houses for sale in the area and got some information on them. This is for my Mom who is considering a move back to Wisconsin at some point. We made another stop at home for the bathroom (I kid you not when I say something is seriously messed up with my stomach) and picked up dinner at Saffron (an Indian restaurant) to bring home with us.

Tonight we gamed and as usual the game was a blast. I'm very happy with it and next game should be very interesting.


Star Wars Horoscope for Scorpio
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Star wars character you are most like: Han Solo

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