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Tummy Pains
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This morning I was happily woken up once again by breakfast in bed. McDonald's might be unhealthy, but they really do make the best breakfasts around. From what Rob said, Gabriel thought the two of them should go out and get me breakfast. I guess that's what "mama... mama... MY mama" means. Too cute. In that sense, my day started off great. Unfortunately, the chicken I had for dinner the night before (at least I think it's that, might be a stomach bug or something) started messing with me soon after.

After several trips to the bathroom I went back to bed with intense stomach pains and stayed in bed for most of the day. At one point, Gabriel and Rob came into bed to nap with me. The pains got to a tolerable level late in the afternoon and that's when I finally got out of bed and showered. Rob and Gabriel stayed in bed awhile longer.

Since I wasn't feeling too well (and need to be around a bathroom) we stayed in. We ordered in Italian food which REALLY disagreed with whatever was bothering me. The bad stomach pains came back again and I'm so done with that dinner. Maybe I'll make some soup later or something.

We have our bedroom window and the balcony door open. It's absolutely gorgeous outside and I love the fact that we can have the windows open in this apartment (if we opened the windows in the LA apartment we'd get tons of spiders inside because of all the bamboo pressed right up against the window). With the windows open we can hear (really loud) the croaking of frogs from outside. It's so loud I keep thinking that it's the cat purring, but no, it's just the really loud frogs from outside.


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