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Mama Bird
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The nest has been built and the Mommy mourning dove has moved in. There are eggs in the nest (at least two) and she spend most of her time on the nest. We can still go out on the balcony and she doesn't seem to mind. We explained to her that we won't hurt her and that she's welcome to stay as long as she wants. It was raining today and she kept nice and dry. She's safe from rain, wind, and predators up on our balcony. It's a good deal.

This morning I enrolled in my bar review class and Rob enrolled in his class for his HR certification. Pretty soon it will be study time for the both of us.

Today we went out to the post office to mail out a bill. Stopped at Walgreens for some necessary items. Stopped at Wal*Mart for some more Velcro to put on Gabriel's run in the loft (now he can no longer move it all over the place because it's Velcro-stuck to the carpet). Went to the pet food store to pick up a bird seed bell and something to hang it from for our new bird resident (it's hung on our balcony lamp that's right next to her nest). And looked at a house my Mom's interested in (just the outside, but it really looks cool).

Tonight we skipped Idol (not interested in the performances of anyone left, we can always watch the results show tomorrow) and let Gabriel have an Elmo marathon. While he was engrossed with his show we did some gaming. I'm really enjoying it (this is probably one of the best games I've been in though the game I played Krynn in will probably always be my favorite) and tonight things got really entangled and interesting.


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