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Tummy Update And Other Things
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On the upside the intestional pain and constant need for a bathroom have subsided. Looks like that was just some sort of stomach bug. On the down side, the stomach pains are still going on. I spoke with my Mom and it really doesn't sound like a gall bladder issue at all. So, I spoke with my Mom and some friends, checked out some medical web sites, and it really sounds like an ulcer. If I eat or drink anything (even something bland or tummy-easing) I get pain as if my stomach was on fire about 10-30 seconds after my first bite or sip. Eventually it subsides, but damn, it hurts. No I haven't seen a doctor about this yet. I hate seeing doctors. Though I really do need to get that appointment with the orthopedic surgeon seeing as how my cyst has grown and instead of pushing on the side of my artery (which is what the GP doctor was worried about) it's now grown *over* that artery. *meep*

Today we drove by another house that my Mom saw online. It was really cool, but we found out that it had just sold. Ah well, I believe she currently has two that she'll be seeing when she's out here this weekend. We grabbed Panera for dinner and I love the fact that they have healthy kids meals there (they're even organic).

Tonight we watched America's Next Top Model and Idol (I can't believe I actually sat through the whole thing and they didn't vote anyone off... grr). Due to circumstances that happened yesterday in game we also ended up adding the half-vampire template to my character tonight, though no actual gaming was done. Tonight was also bath night for Gabriel and it was Rob's turn to bathe him (lucky Rob). Gabriel gets a bath every other night and Rob and I alternate who gives the bath.


Happy Almost-Slut

It's clear that you're at least a bit sex-positive but you may still have some hang-ups about the whole consensual nonmonogamy thing. Or, maybe you simply prefer to dabble in slutdom. Either way you lean just keep treating yourself and others with respect and you can't go wrong.

The Ethical Slut Test

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