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'Kay & No
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Earlier today Rob was putting an Elmo DVD on for Gabriel. As Gabriel was jumping up and down Rob told him that he was going to put Elmo on for him. Gabriel's response was "'kay". I think he just said okay for the first time.

So, today we made a run to the bank and to the post office. It was raining very hard out so we just did the needed errands.

Tonight when we were eating dinner we tried to give Gabriel a little piece of plain chicken. He looked at it and Rob told him to put it in his mouth and eat it. Gabriel yelled "no" and threw it at Rob. He's cute, he's feisty, and he's now saying no. Uh-oh.

There was nothing of interest on TV for us tonight so we gamed. It was nice and fun and relaxing. I also got a lot of laundry done (baby clothes, baby towels and bedding, guest towels, and guest bedding).


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