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Mom's Visit and Nana's Birthday
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I haven't had the time to post, let alone log on to the computer at all in the past few days. My Mom came out here and things got very busy (in a good way). As addicted as I am to the internet, I don't miss it one bit when my Mom's here.

Friday afternoon my Mom dropped her sister Shirley and my Nana off at my Uncle Kim and Aunt Pam's house and then headed over to our place. We chilled out around the house for a short while and then headed to meet up with a realtor at a house my Mom was interested in looking at (she wants to move out here). The house we saw was gorgeous and just what she's looking for, she was going to make an offer on it when she noticed something that made her decide there was no way she wanted that house... water in the basement. She's dealt with houses that have leaky basements before and will never again go through that. The realtor lied to us about why there was a giant fan and a dehumidifier in the basement which didn't make any of us happy either. She's just lucky we saw this house after a rain.

We then went to another house appointment with another realtor (this is the same one Rob and I saw last weekend). She liked it all right, but the fact that there was a shower (and no bathtub) in the master bathroom was reason enough not to want to purchase it. After checking out that place we drove around some other subdivisions looking at houses.

After checking out various areas to live in we headed to the mall. We were only going to run into Boston Store to pick up some birthday presents for my Nana, but they didn't have what we were looking for and so we ended up wandering the entire mall. We got a card for her at Hallmark, some slippers for her at Sears (the only place in the entire mall that had slippers she can wear), and a box of chocolates for her at Quality Candy / Buddy Squirrel. After the mall we picked up some Indian food to bring back home with us for dinner. We first introduced my Mom to Indian food back in LA, and since this place is so much better we had to have her try it.

On Saturday we spent the early afternoon driving around more areas and found another house that looked cute and were able to get an appointment to see it on Sunday morning. Later on we headed over to the Olive Garden to meet up with everyone around 4pm for my Nana's birthday celebration (though her birthday is today).

The whole group was my Mom, Rob, Gabriel, my Nana, my Aunt Pam, her twin boys Andy and Allen, and my aunt Shirley. My Uncle Kim was out of town and couldn't make it and their daughter Emily is at school out of state. It took awhile to get our table, but eventually we were all seated. Dinner was good and Gabriel was very well behaved. He didn't like their mac and cheese much though. At one point a group of young "hot" girls came and sat down at a table next to us. From there on in Gabriel kept trying to crane around to see the blonde. He also kept waving at her and saying "hi". We're so in trouble when he's older if he's this much of a flirt now.

After dinner we all headed back to Pam's house and chilled out there for awhile. Gabriel spent some time asleep in my arms, and when he woke up he just ran around the house talking and playing with Pam's rubber pinch bowls. Eventually we headed out and Pam let us borrow the red rubber pinch bowl because Gabriel had a tantrum when they were all taken away from him. We need to find some of those for him to play with because he absolutely loved them.

On the way home we made a stop at Pick N Save because we were running out of beverages and then we headed back to the apartment for the night.

Today (Sunday) we got up early, grabbed breakfast, and headed to meet up with another realtor at one of the houses we had seen on Saturday. This house was AMAZING. I absolutely love it, but it's a bit too big for what my Mom wants right now. Dammit. If Rob and I were ready to look (and if it was in our price range) we'd both have wanted it. It's an estate sale and the lawyer and kids of the people that lived there want to try and get rid of it so it could probably be gotten for a decent amount under its listing price. Such a cool house!

On the way home we stopped off at Walgreens and Starbucks and then headed back home. My Mom took off to pick up Nana and Shirley and head back to her house. Rob, Gabriel, and I napped because none of us had gotten much sleep the night before.

Later on today Rob and I grabbed dinner at a healthy Asian stir fry place and brought it home to eat. We watched The Amazing Race and chilled out with Gabriel. It was Rob's night to bathe the Poopchuck and now we're all upstairs.


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