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Hunting For Pinch Bowls
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Rob had a phone interview today and during that time he went into the bedroom while Gabriel and I hung out in the living room. When he was done we all headed out on some errands.

We made a run to the post office to mail off a few things. We went to the bank. We went to two T.J. Maxx stores to look for those little rubber pinch cups that Gabriel loved playing with at my Aunt Pam's house. That's where she bought hers. We wanted to get some for Gabriel so that we can return the one she lent to us to her (or give her a new one if Gabriel got any teeth marks on hers). She recently got hers at T.J. Maxx, but both stores we checked were out of them. She had also mentioned that Crate and Barrel sold them, but that they were a lot more expensive there. So, we decided to check Target since there was one in the area.

We were able to find some at Target. They're essentially the same thing, just a different brand. We also picked up some new auto air fresheners and a stuffed Carter's giraffe for Gabriel. After Target we picked up some food at a nearby Chinese restaurant (one that my Mom had recommended to us) to bring home for dinner.

Dinner was a disaster. The food was sick. It tasted like ass and made both Rob and I queasy. Ugh. We will not be getting food from there again. We got some gaming done tonight (mostly talking and making a decision that my character needed to make) and watched Heroes.


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