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Fiddling With The Front Page
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As usual, I changed the picture on the front of my journal along with the color scheme. Nothing new there, I like to change it up a few times a month. But I also changed the column below where my entries are shown. My family stuff is all the same. I took the Pokemon down out of the hatched critters area. I took down Tortellini and decided to do the link to that Daemon thing there. It's neat and I'd rather have it on the front page than just sitting in an entry from last month that no one will look at again. So, scroll down and take a look at it. Feel free to click on the questions part. Answer them honestly as how you feel about me and we'll see if the critter changes or not. Twelve days from now it should settle into its final form. So, you've got twelve days to give it input with how you feel about me. Cool.

Anyway, not much was done today. We hung out around the house and headed out to grab dinner at that healthy stir fry place that we found a few days ago. We watched Idol and did some laundry (baby bedding since he peed on everything last night, the guest bathroom towels, and the guest sheets). Now we're just fidding around on line for a bit.


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