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Criminal Procedure And Seeing John
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I am absolutely exhausted at the moment, both mentally and physically. And my right calf is driving me up the wall.

Last night when we were gaming my left calf and foot seized up so badly that when I tried to walk it off I could only walk on the outside of my foot, it just wouldn't go flat. Eventually everything went back to normal, but last night I was woken up by a super bad calf cramp and had to get rid of it before going back to sleep. Then today it started seizing up on me again and just aches like all hell at the moment and is super tight. I have no idea what is up with this.

Today I got up early and spent the entire day listening to the Criminal Procedure audio CDs and taking notes. I didn't finish until around 6:30 pm and by that time I was exhausted. I felt like my brain was going to come out my ears, I could barely keep my eyes open, and I just wanted to sleep. My brain is being bombarded with bar information and wants to explode. In the last paragraph when I wrote the word "seizing" my brain started going over search and seizure rules automatically. I'm going to be ready for the loony bin by the time I'm done with the bar.

When I was done with my studies for the day I got ready to head out because John was in town. He had business to attend to in Chicago and headed up here to head out to dinner with us. That was pretty much my light at the end of the tunnel - knowing that tonight I'd be able to go out for dinner and see John again.

He got here shortly after I finished up my bar review for the day. We talked a bit and chased Gabriel around the house and then headed out to The Olive Garden for dinner. Once again everyone there thought he was a girl. Even after all of us corrected them they kept referring to him as a her. *sigh*

Dinner was good, but Gabriel was on the fussy side which is why we almost never go out to eat anymore. By the time we were done with dinner the floor area was a mess. After dinner we headed back home and John headed out. His flight home is scheduled for tomorrow morning but he wanted to try and get a red eye out tonight because the Holiday Inn he's staying at is a dump (part of it is under demolition).

Right now I'm absolutely exhausted. If Gabriel would go to sleep, I'd be passed out in bed right now. Hopefully he'll fall asleep soon because I don't know how much longer I can stay awake.

Oh, at the time of this entry my daemon is that white weasel thing again. Sweet.


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