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Criminal Law
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Criminal law. That's what today was all about. I listened to the lectures on all of criminal law and took my notes. By the time I was done I thought my brain would melt out of my ears. Day 3 and already I'm hating this. Sad, since that was one of my favorite subjects. Oh yeah, my life is gonna be hell up until the end of July. I just hope I pass this thing.

Yesterday Rob went on the balcony and said that at least one of the eggs has hatched. The parents were between shifts and he was actually able to see the baby bird! We don't know if the second egg has hatched yet or not. Every time I head out there one of the parents is sitting on the nest so I have yet to see the baby. I love the fact that both parents are totally cool with us being near them on the balcony.

My daemon is currently a tiger. Cool.

I finished up with my bar review around 5pm and we all headed out to grab some Indian food and bring it back home for dinner. We made a stop at Kopp's for some custard and I am not a fan of their peach melba flavor. Way too sweet. We came back home and watched America's Next Top Model. We were unable to watch the Idol results show because Gabriel needed Elmo right then and there. So, if you watched it please leave a comment and let me know who got voted off. We were able to get a game in and it was probably the coolest game ever. It rocked something fierce.

Gabriel is teething like a mad man. He screams all the time and holds his jaw. He chews on everything in sight including his own fingers (which then proceed to make him vomit). We noticed blood on his food and some of his stuffies that he had been chewing on and looked to make sure it was coming from his mouth. Sure enough, it was. The poor little dude is currently cutting FIVE teeth at once!!! All we can do is cuddle and comfort him (and give him teething tablets and tylenol) and let him watch all the Elmo he wants until he's no longer in pain. My poor sweetie boy.


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