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Whirlwind Day
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My Daemon has changed several times today (I've peeked in when I had the time). I've seen a white weasel, a spider, a hawk/falcon, a monkey, and a tiger. Who knows what else it's been. And this is only one day into the twelve days of voting. Sweet. As I type this, it's the white weasel. I will admit, I kind of like that one. But then again I dig weasels.

Gabriel has been super fussy. He didn't sleep much at all last night and he's spent the vast majority of the day crying. He has a few new teeth cutting in. He's also still chewing on his fingers and making himself throw up. Has anyone had their kid do this before? Any advice? When he does this we stop him but sometimes (like in the car) we can't get to him before he makes himself throw up. Right now he's having a tantrum because Elmo is not on the TV because it's past time for him to go to bed.

Today was the "how to write a bar essay" part of bar review. The morning was spent reading and the afternoon was spent listening to audio CD's about what I had read that morning. The reading was helpful and taught me a few tricks I didn't even know during the California bar. The afternoon was boring as hell because I had read everything that morning. Ugh.

When I was done for the day Rob and I had to motor because we had a lot of errands to do. We made an ATM run. We stopped at the Post Office so that I could mail out a request for my undergraduate transcripts to be sent to the Wisconsin Bar. Rob ran into Walgreens for some necessary items. I ran into the grocery store for some other needed things. We grabbed dinner at Chipotle to bring back home and then everything exploded at Good Sam.

Rob is doing some part time consultant work for them until they hire on someone new. The person who took over his job when he left (which I refer to as his idiot replacement) decided to up and quit and wouldn't wait around until they hired on someone new. Well, they needed him to work on a spreadsheet and gave him access to their database. He kept trying to access it, but it wouldn't let him. It kept giving him an error message about not having sufficient virus protection. We have Norton, it's up to date, a full system scan was run today, and there's nothing wrong with it. Still, the system wouldn't let him in. He kept trying to work with IS on that and one guy was supposed to call him back and never did.

Tonight we tried to watch Idol, but weren't able to because Gabriel would only stop screaming if we put Elmo in. Thank god for that little red muppet. We got some gaming in though which was a nice stress reliever. We also did the baby laundry (both clothing and his sheets and towels) Now I'm trying to get some things done on here before passing out and starting the madness all over again with more bar review tomorrow morning.


What do ur true eyes look like

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