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New Daemon
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There's a new daemon on my front page. So, even if you voted before about me, please do so again. I decided to put a different daemon up there for several reasons. The main one was because the way it described me was off. Humble? Not so much. Spontaneous? Hell no. So I decided to take it again and give a lot of thought to the answers. It came out much more accurate this time. The other reason I decided to change it was because a certain person (I now know who this is) kept thinking it funny to change the daemon to a spider. If the thing turned into a spider based on someone's perception of me, that's fine. But when someone just keeps voting over and over (knowing what votes will turn it into a spider whether or not that's how they see me) just to turn it into a spider, then the daemon shown there is no longer accurate. So, here is what I am asking with my new daemon so I don't have to put another one up there. Please, vote. Vote as how you truly see me and not as per what animal you want to see come up there. Okay? I'm truly interested to see how this comes out when someone's not dicking around with it. Also, please vote only once. And when you vote post a comment and let me know if it changed and what it changed to (posting anonymously is fine). Without the comments I don't know if someone's dicking around with it again. Thank you.

Oh, and as a side note, my new daemon is starting off as a monkey of some sort.

Today I started my bar review studies. Ugh. While today wasn't so bad (the MBE introduction), it doesn't look like it's going to be fun down the road. And the amount of material that I don't remember is astounding. I'm more worried about this then I was about the California bar. At least for California I had taken classes on everything that would be on the test and was able to take the test only a few months after graduation. With this there are several subjects they test on that I've never dealt with at all. It's been four years since my last bar exam and so I'm beyond rusty even on the things I knew then. Oh, and come to find out for some odd reason while Civil Procedure, Professional Responsibility, and Federal Income Tax are on the exam, they're not included in my study materials. Looks like I'll need to try and fish out my old bar review notes for Civ Pro and PR. And I hope to god that I still have my old law school notes on Tax. This is not going to be fun and I'm scared to death of not passing.

Tonight we watched Heroes and Gabriel fell asleep very early (during the show) which means he'll probably be waking up right when we're going to sleep.



Vilkacis (to be translated literally as "wolf's eyes"; 'werewolf') is usually a malicious creature; a scary being people can turn into. There are particular ways how the people with this curse turn into the wolves and then get their human appearance back and places where this is said to have happened. Although mostly malevolent, on occasion it would bring treasures. It belongs to the same lower level of mythological beings as Dievini, Ragana, Pukis and Vadatajs. It is not clear whether with Vilkacis it is the flesh or just the soul that transforms, as there are accounts of moving an apparently sleeping person whose soul is out "running as a werewolf", after which the person turns out to be dead, as the soul couldn't enter the flesh to return.

The Mythological Profile Test

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