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House Hunting (for my mom)
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Not looking forward to tomorrow.

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Today was my last true day of freedom before the end of July. We spent it checking out a few houses for my Mom. Just driving by them to get a feel for the house and the area. Two were really nice, but in a very rural area. One was kind of icky and right next to a barn and train tracks.

After house hunting we stopped off at an office supply store and I stocked up on pens, note cards, and rubber bands. I study best writing my own notecards from the materials provided. I made another Ulta run (this time for shampoo and conditioner) and we grabbed dinner at Subway and brought it back home.

The other day I let my hair air dry. Something I haven't done for ages. I always blow dry it straight. Well, after it air dryed I was shocked to see that it was no longer just wavy (as it used to be). My hair dryed curly and it looked as if I had a perm. I thought it was kind of neat. I can either blow dry and have a straight style or air dry and have a curly style. I kind of like that. Rob seems to like it curly.

Tonight we watched the finale of The Amazing Race (I was rooting for the blonde beauty queens but they came in second) and gamed. Gabriel went a wee bit nuts and started running around in circles and having giggle fits because of it. Too cute.

Tomorrow I start my bar review studies. I am not at all confident about this. There's so much on the Wisconsin bar that I never even studied in school and it's been 4 years since I took the California bar so I'm beyond rusty. This scares the hell out of me, especially since I can't take it an unlimited number of times. And since I need to pass it before getting an attorney job out here. *meeps*

Oh, by the way, this morning my Daemon was a rabbit. This evening it's a wolf.


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