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My Day Off
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My daemon is currently that white weasel (ermine?) thing. Sweet.

Today was my day off. I felt guilty about not studying, but sometimes you need a brain breather if you don't want to burn out. During bar review for the California bar I'd blow off steam by hitting the clubs on occasion and getting very drunk. Can't really do that now what with being a Mommy and all.

I had a hair appointment with Erik over at Carenza at noon. I got my roots touched up, the overlay put on, and a conditioning treatment. Everything came out great and this is my second time with Erik. I have to say, I love him as my new hair guy. I'm so happy I found one I like who hasn't taken off to god-knows-where. He even found out that my roots don't need the harsh bleach to bring them up to the light blonde. Since my natural color is light it only takes a color to bring them up. It's a lot less damaging and I'm fine with that. I absolutely love the chairs that they have there for when you're head is in the shampoo bowl. They're massage chairs. That, combined with the head rub I got when the conditioner was being put on, made me melt. For a few moments today, the stress was gone. It was so nice.

I still do miss Margie and Gebhart though.

After the salon we headed to the mall for a quick trip. I went into Hallmark to get a Yankee Candle air freshener for my car and I also ended up picking up a set of bath toys of sea creatures. All of them will be Gabriel's except the octopus. That one is my good luck charm for the bar. During the California bar Carrie and I were supported by the powers of fishay, sharkay, and tur-tel. We also both had little plastic bath toy starfish that we took to bar review and carried around with us on a daily basis. We both passed. I lost my starfish in the move and thus needed a new small plastic sea bath critter for my good luck charm. I chose the octopus and named him Suckface. Yes, I probably am insane. I then went into Lane Bryant where I got some t-shirts and a few lounge outfits. I also went into Bath and Body Works for body wash and body lotion. Then we headed out of the mall and back home.

At home I was so tempted to get back to work on Criminal Procedure, but decided to go with the whole day off idea. I sorted through some of my Ravenloft Spellfire cards and put them into the binder. Later on we ordered in Chinese food and watched Svengoolie. Tonight's movie was Dracula's Daughter. I'm so glad we have that broadcast in our area. I love Svengoolie! We also got a bit of gaming in tonight. Now we're trying to get Gabriel to realize that he should already be in bed.


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