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More Criminal Procedure
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Anicitos is currently still the ermine (white weasel thing). Neat.

Happy Mother's Day to all of the Mommies who are reading this. I hope you had a great day!

This morning started off with my being woken up with breakfast in bed (so nice). I then got a bit more shut eye and then came out to study. Before starting, I was gifted with Mother's Day presents. Rob (and Gabriel) really outdid themselves. Gabriel gave me a beanie baby teddy bear holding a heart that says "Love to Mom". Rob got me the new Black Lab CD I had been wanting (I love the song This Night), the Queen "A Kind of Magic" CD (which is also the soundtrack to The Highlander), the Phantom of the Opera DVD (I've been wanting it forever but hadn't gotten around to getting it - it's my favorite movie), and the DVD set of the old Dungeon and Dragons cartoon. Sweet! Since I couldn't think of anything offhand that I really wanted he went to my Amazon wish list and spoiled me.

After the plethora of presents I hit the books. Today I went back to Criminal Procedure and made note cards using the notes I had taken from the lectures and the materials provided that I also needed to read through. I spent the day doing that and when I was done I was so tired and had a killer headache. Ugh. I didn't finish up for the day until around 6pm.

Since it was Mother's Day (and I'm a Mommy - yay!) I got to decide where we got dinner from. I wanted Chin's (that healthy stir fry place). So, we headed out. I made a run into Walgreen's for some necessities and then we picked up our dinner at Chin's to bring home with us. We also made a quick Dairy Queen stop (they have Dairy Queens out here - how cool is that?) and I got a banana blizzard . Sooooo yummy. I then grabbed my usual from Starbucks (large iced chai with soy, easy on the ice) and we headed back home.

Now that both The Amazing Race and The Apprentice have ended there's nothing for us to watch on Sunday nights. So, we had Gabriel watching Elmo while we ate. I then bathed the Poopchuck and was able to cause a giggle fit during the bath. I'm lucky he didn't end up throwing up in the tub (especially because the giggle fit started hiccups which usually make him throw up). Now it's time to get a few things done on here and hope that Gabriel falls asleep sometime soon.


You Are Royal Blue
People find you difficult to understand. In fact, you often find it hard to understand yourself.
You think so much that sometimes you get lost in your own thoughts!

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