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15 Months
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Gabriel is 15 months old today.

My daemon is currently a hawk/falcon. Caw.

I still hate contracts.

I got up early this morning because I had to get my bar review done for the day and take Gabriel to his pediatrician's appointment. This morning I spent doing half of today's lecture on Contracts and UCC sales. Ugh. Hate it.

Gabriel had his fifteen month check up today at 1pm. Rob and I were both there with him. He HATED it and cried and had a tantrum during the entire time we were there. He weighed in at 22 pounds and measured in at 30 inches. He's small, but well within the normal range. I think the doctor said he's around the 25th percentile. We discussed some of our concerns with her. She said we're pretty much screwed on him gagging himself. He's still teething and will chew on his finger and as long as chewing on his finger outweighs the discomfort of gagging and throwing up he'll keep doing it. He just has a bad gag reflex. We just need to keep doing what we're doing which is making sure he has a lot of teething toys and a binky at all times. And when he starts to gag himself stop him as soon as we can. Unfortunately at certain times (like in the car) he'll make himself puke long before we can stop him. She also said not to worry that he doesn't eat much. He's proportional height to weight and is definitely properly nourished. It's also fine that he'll mostly only eat chicken nuggets, Cheerios, and garden mashers. At least what he is getting is nutritious. Apparently one Mom came in and said her kid would only eat Oreos. The doctor suggested something healthier and the woman asked if she meant low fat Oreos. *sigh* So yeah, Gabriel is doing just fine. He had three shots today and was not at all happy about that.

When we came back home I got back to work. I did the second part of the Contracts and Sales lecture and Rob and Gabriel went outside to play.

Around 5:30pm, when I finished up with my bar materials for the day, we ordered in pizza for dinner and gamed. It was a pretty long game and it was fun and a lot was accomplished.


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