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Ah, contracts. I hated you during law school. I hated you during the California bar. And I hate you now.

Can you tell that Contracts is NOT one of my good subjects? I'm pretty sure the only reason I got through it on the California bar is because I had Carrie to help me understand it.

So yeah, contracts. That's what today was about. Today was the first day of the contracts lecture. I listened, I took notes, I felt as if my brain would explode. I'm going to have to work hard in this subject because to me it's all a jumble.

I finished up for the day around 6:30pm and Rob cooked breakfast for dinner. When we were done with dinner I bathed the baby and now I'm just getting a few things done online. The earlier I can get to bed tonight the better because I need to get up early tomorrow. I've got more contract lectures and an appointment with the pediatrician for Gabriel's 15 month check up.

My daemon is currently a tiger.


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Read/Post Comments (3)

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