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Happy Birthday To Sydney
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Today is Sydney's 12th birthday. Stop by his Catster page and give him a treat if you have the time.

My daemon is currently a tiger. Rawr.

Today I worked on my Criminal Law & Procedure essay. I hand wrote it out and then typed it into an e-mail to send in for critique. Hand writing the bar is going to be a bitch. I was able to type the California one and that helped immensely. Not only do I have to worry about time constraints because I type MUCH faster than I write, but I also have to worry about my horrible penmanship and my aching wrist that's all messed up. I'm now wishing I would have just splurged on a typewriter and signed up to type the damn thing. You can't use a computer, but you can use a word processor. But you have to bring it and a printer with you. Either way, it's too late now.

After my bar stuff we did a lot of errands. We made a run to the ATM. Filled my car up with gas (over $50 to fill the tank up and it wasn't all the way empty). Got my car washed (it was bright blue skies when I got it washed, but was pouring rain by the time we came home - if I get my car washed it rains). Went to Ace to pick up one of those sonic things you plug in the wall to make rodents leave. We're trying that before anything else because we haven't heard anything in the wall since that night. Maybe having a cat scared it off. We went to the game store to get this months D&D books and for me to get some more protective card sleeves and cardboard boxes to put extra cards into. We went to Culver's to pick up a hamburger for Sydney to have for his birthday dinner. We went to McDonalds to grab some chicken nuggets (one of the few things he'll eat) for the Poopchuck. I made a run into an office store for a large binder. We grabbed dinner from our Indian place and then headed back home.

Tonight we watched the finale of America's Next Top Model (not happy that the stick insect drag queen won) and Idol (holy crap, how did Melinda get voted off???). We gamed and played with the Poopchuck and munched our Indian foodage. Game rocked as usual.


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