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Big Boy Diapers
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Rob was a super sweetie and woke me up with breakfast in bed this morning. I really needed it because most of the rest of the day was stressful.

We're trying out big boy diapers on Gabriel at the moment. He usually wears the Pampers Cruisers and Baby Dry, but we decided to pick up a pack of the Pull Ups while at Babies R Us the other day. So far they work really well and they're so much easier to get on him! Regular diapers are a pain in the ass to get on him when he refuses to lie down.

Today I started in on property. While I hate contracts, I loathe property with every fiber of my being. The worst grade I have ever received in any class was in my first semester of property in law school. Lisa can vouch for just how bad property was for the both of us. So, needless to say I am not happy about delving into that.

Today was listening to the first property lecture and taking notes. Ugh. I didn't finish up with that until around 6:30pm and by then my brain was fried. Rob brought home take out from Applebee's for dinner and watched Gabriel so I could finish up my studies and eat. For the most part, Gabriel was good. But he had a total freak out and I was able to get zero work done when Rob was out getting dinner. Trying to do something like bar review is extremely difficult with a fifteen month old in the house, but Rob is really helping me out by watching him and trying his best to keep him quiet. I just hope I pass the first time around for all of our sakes.

Tonight we watched So You Think You Can Dance (I love the auditions better than the actual competition) and gamed. Later on I started not feeling so hot. I had an asthma attack and it took awhile for my inhaler puffs to allow me to breathe again. Now I'm breathing, but the inhaler (combined with the myriad of other medications I'm on) is making me shaky and jittery and I'm having a lot of palpitations. Hopefully I'll be able to get some sleep tonight without another panic attack or my body completely freaking out on me again. I'm also dizzy and exhausted at the moment and cannot wait until my head hits the pillow. Please let me be able to go to sleep without any problems tonight. I really need the rest.


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