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Day O' Property
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Rob is such a sweetie, once again I was woken up this morning with breakfast in bed. It's things like that that just make the day a little better. And with the hell of bar review, I need all of the little happy things I can get.

So, today I tackled lecture two of property. Yup, I do hate it more than contracts. But not by much. The lectures were long, boring, and drawn out and by the time I was done taking notes my wrist hurt like hell. Having to hand write everything (because I will be handwriting the bar) isn't easy with that damn cyst in my wrist. I'll get to the orthopedic surgeon eventually... probably after the bar when I actually have time again.

Rob and Gabriel went out to get sandwiches from Subway while I finished up with my property lectures. I finished for the day around 7pm. We ate dinner and then I bathed the baby. I'm exhausted and (if Gabriel allows) would like to get an early night tonight.


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