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A Better Day
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This morning started out crappy, but the day got better as it went along. The washer/dryer repair guy was supposed to be here at 8am. He wasn't. However, we did get a call from our landlord telling us that our air conditioning unit was once again leaking into the apartment below us. At least this time she didn't make us turn it off - she just wanted us to turn it warmer so it didn't run as much. So while it was hot and muggy in here again today, it wasn't at the intolerable level it was yesterday. As the day progressed, she kept calling the washer repair guy and kept getting no response from him.

The air conditioner repair guy came back to check things out here... when I was in the shower. Oy. He checked things out in the apartment downstairs and looked at our air conditioner unit again. There was no new water by it and the water that was there last night had started to dry up. So, he said that the people downstairs were just getting the residual stuff coming in. I'm hoping he's right.

The washer repair guy finally showed up around 3pm. He checked out the washer and for him it worked just fine. He said it sounded like the cycle we had the problem with never spun. The burning smell could have been it trying to spin, but not doing so. The super soaked clothes would be from it not spinning and if it didn't spin the softener wouldn't have been released. Seems like it's just one of those freak things. He said if it happens again to let him know. The dryer thing was normal. Apparently the cycle we were using has a sensor that can tell when clothes are getting dry. Because we put them in soaked the timer wouldn't have moved at all in those two hours because when we checked on the clothes they were still wet. I'm just glad we can use our washing machine and dryer again. Yay!

We did a few loads (clothes and towels) and everything went fine. You have no idea how happy I am to have clean panties and towels.

Today I spent going over the book materials and making my notecard outlines for the Fed/State portion of Constitutional Law. I really didn't mind it. Okay, I minded the act of doing it and the time that it took up, but it's so much better when I like the subject. I finished up around 5:30pm and when I was done we all headed out.

We made a run to Ulta so that Rob could pick up some hair gunk, grabbed a few drinks at Starbucks, grabbed some dinner to bring home, and then headed back home. Svengoolie was on tonight! Yay! The movie was Funhouse. I checked the TV Guide website and it looks like I'll be missing my Svengoolie again next week when it's getting preempted by a Brewers game (boo). Ah well, for now I'm happy to have had my Svengoolie fix today.


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