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MBE = Headache
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Today I plowed through the 100 multiple choice practice questions for Evidence. Lo and behold, I get another migraine. I'm beginning to wonder if those multiple choice questions have to do with the migraines. Maybe doing nothing but staring, reading, and concentrating for so long is setting me off on the headaches? I hope not or I'll be fucked on the MBE day of the bar. My migraine pills are helping. They were able to lower it down to headache level, but then the migraine came back raging (I thought I was going to puke when I was helping Rob bathe Gabriel tonight) and another pill brought it back down to headache status again. I can't wait until I'm in bed. Maybe getting some sleep will help matters.

Even with the headache I scored 83% on the Evidence multiple choice. Not bad. I'm beginning to worry more about the essays than I am about the MBE.

After plowing through my practice questions Rob, Gabriel, and I headed out on some errands. We stopped at the drug store and I ran in to get a few items. We stopped at the grocery store and Rob ran in to get a few things. We stopped at Babies R Us and I ran in to get some bottle brushes, sippy cups, diapers, DVDs, and a new toy. We grabbed dinner at Subway and drinks at Starbucks to bring home with us for dinner and then headed back home.

Tonight we watched America's Got Talent and Rob bathed the Poopchuck. Right now I'm nursing that headache and praying that Gabriel goes to sleep soon so that I can go to bed as well.


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