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My Nana's In The Hospital
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This morning we woke up from a phone call from my Aunt Pam and Uncle Kim. They wanted to know if we had heard anything new about my Grandma's condition. *blink* What? We didn't even know anything was wrong with her. They said that they got a call from my Mom late last night saying that my Grandma had fallen and was in the hospital.

I spent a good chunk of the day trying to get in touch with my Mom. Finally, I was able to track her down at the hospital. She didn't call last night because things were hectic and she didn't want to wake us or Gabriel up. If there's an emergency, waking us and Gabriel up is fine.

Late last night as my Mom was getting ready for bed my Grandma got up to go to the bathroom. My Mom heard the crash and my Grandma cried out for her. My Mom went down, called 911, and the ambulance took my Grandma to the local hospital. From what she said, when she got up everything went black and she fell. She hit her head on the dresser.

At the hospital they did a scan of her head (luckily, it's fine) and took x-rays. Her hip is broken (not the hip itself, but the area where the leg connects to it). They sent her to another hospital in a nearby city that can handle that sort of thing.

She needs surgery on her hip, but they need to wait before doing that. She's on a blood thinner medication due to her heart condition and they can't do the surgery as long as the blood thinner is in her system. So, they're waiting for that to come out before she undergoes surgery.

I called my Dad to let him know what was going on and he called me back. He said the surgery wasn't a major one, but his huge concern was her undergoing anesthesia. My other Grandma, Eleanor, had the same broken hip problem and while the surgery went fine, when she came out from the anesthesia she was never the same person again. I had posted an entry a few months ago about seeing her and that she's not really lucid anymore. That is what it's from. I relayed this information to my Mom. Due to worries about that and worries about her heart not being able to take the stress of anesthesia (and possibly needing a pacemaker because of it) they're going to look into giving her a spinal block for the surgery. I really hope that works. My Nana definitely has physical problems at this age, but she's all there mentally.

My Uncle Kim went over to spend time with my Nana and my Mom. I asked my Mom if we should go out there and she said to hold off for now and concentrate on my bar studies. If I can bring stuff along with me, she thinks it would be best to visit when my Nana is in rehab after the surgery. Right now I'm waiting to hear back tomorrow about what's going on with my Nana and the surgery. We'll go from there I suppose.

Today I did my multiple choice questions for Torts and somehow managed to score 81% even while being distracted. It sucks having to concentrate on something like the damn bar at a time like this, but I really don't have a choice in the matter if I even want a slim chance of passing it. Meh.

Tonight we watched America's Got Talent and tried to game a bit, but it just didn't work out. My stomach is a mess right now and I'm spending more time in the bathroom then anywhere else.


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