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Buried Under Stress
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Worn Out

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Update on my Nana. Her blood thinner levels were still high today. Too high for surgery. She wanted the surgery today. She's in extreme pain. As much as I wish I was there for her, I don't think I could handle seeing her like this. It's super hard on my Mom and Uncle Kim. At one point the pain was so bad that she held on to each of their hands and said goodbye. As of now, her surgery is scheduled for tomorrow afternoon. Please send all good vibes her way, she needs them. Hopefully the surgery will go smoothly. My Mom is keeping me updated when she can.

I have yet another green finger and even though I just finished an ear antibiotic solution run, my ear is starting to hurt again. That thing inside my wrist is also getting bigger and a lot more painful. I'll see a doctor about my ear and get scheduled for wrist surgery after the bar. I don't have the time for this right now and I sure as hell don't need the added stress.

We had so many errands that we needed to get done today. With everything going on in my life today I knew I couldn't concentrate on bar review or write a decent essay. So, I was productive in errands, but not in bar review. There's no way in hell I could concentrate on that crap today.

So, today we did all the errands we needed to get done. We went to the bank so that Rob could make a deposit and so that I could get some cash out. We went to the Post Office to mail some bills. We stopped at the drug store for a bunch of stuff. We did our big grocery store shop. Then we stopped off at home to unload the groceries since we had perishables. We then headed to the game store to pick up this month's D&D book (Expedition to Undermountain). We also went to Best Buy so that I could buy a memory stick to put all my old bar review notes on to. That way I can pull them off my ancient laptop and print them out from the desktop computer. And that way I have them stored. We then grabbed dinner and headed home.

Tonight we gamed, watched So You Think You Can Dance (my favorite guy is Hok and my favorite girl is Lacey), and Rob bathed the Poopchuck. Maybe, just maybe, if I'm lucky I can actually get some sleep tonight. Insomnia and tossing and turning seem to be the norm for me these days.


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