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You Take The Good, You Take The Bad
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Last night was hell. I couldn't fall asleep for a long time and when I finally did I was up every fifteen minutes or so making runs to the bathroom. Ugh. Then when I needed to get up today, I was shot. I was so tired I couldn't keep my eyes open and kept randomly nodding off. I also seem to have developed an eye twitch (last time I had one was during the California bar exam). Rob saw how messed up I was and told me to get back into bed. He said it was obvious I was exhausted and if I tried to work in that condition that I would learn nothing. He was, of course, right. So, I passed out. Literally.

When I did get up for the day it wasn't because I was awake or refreshed. It was because I felt guilty for still being asleep. I took a shower, which helped somewhat, and sucked up the exhaustion and got to work.

Today I started making my notecard outline of Wills & Trusts. Bleh. It's one of those subjects that I don't like and don't hate. It's just there and I know I need to memorize it. After getting a bit of work done, we needed to head out for a few errands.

We made a run to an office supply store for some files, some copies, and a portfolio for Rob. We then grabbed dinner (Chipotle for Rob and Subway for me) and Starbucks and headed back home.

At home I did some more outlining work and then when I was done for the day we did some work on making up my new D&D character (Akishra - a half farspawn cleric of the Old Ones). Rob bathed the Poopchuck.

I gave my Mom a call at the hospital today. My Uncle Kim was nice enough to come out for the day (he was only out for a few days right when my Nana first fell and then needed to head back home for work) and stay with my Nana so my Mom could wash her clothes, get more cat food, and do necessary chores. Then he headed back home and she stayed with my Nana.

Thank you to everyone who is sending good vibes her way! She's doing a lot better today. They were able to wake her up and she's been pretty lucid. She's still having some fits where she tries to rip things off of her, but they found out that's because the morphine is making her hallucinate. She started eating again and so the IV is out. My Mom is staying with her all tonight. She thinks it's better to be with her at night because at night they will only check on my Nana every half hour. By then, she's ripped everything off of her. So, since the hospital can't seem to make sure she doesn't hurt herself my Mom is doing it. I'm hoping she at least heads home during the days to get some sleep.

A very special thank you goes out to Lisa. Thanks for the e-mails. *hugs*


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