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My Stomach Is Trying To Kill Me
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Like the title says, I think my stomach is trying to kill me. We are not on good terms right now. If I eat anything, it's making me pay big time. Yes, I know the stress probably has something to do with it. But spending most of my time in the bathroom isn't any fun. Ugh.

I had a hair appointment today. Got the roots touched up and the color pulled through. I also got a trim to even out the ends. I really like my new salon and stylist. My hair is still the same light buttery blonde color that I originally had done back in California. I love it. I am tempted to put one black streak in it (probably my bangs) though, just to have some fun before I have to start looking for attorney work. It will probably be the last time I can have any sort of funky fun with my hair. I haven't decided 100% on this yet though.

While I was at the salon Rob and Gabriel went to a park to play. After my hair appointment I stopped off at the pet store to pick up some cat food for Sydney. Then it was time to head back home.

I got my crap together for Wills & Trusts today and went over some of the material. Tomorrow I'll work on outlining it onto note cards.

I talked to my Mom a few times today. One was when she was at the hospital and the other was when she got home. Things aren't going well with my Nana. On the bright side, the pain seems to be easing up. But they're having a horrible time waking her up and can't keep her awake. They did another CAT scan to make sure there wasn't a head injury there that they didn't see the first time from the fall. It was all clear. Good to know, but it's bad that she can't really wake up. My Mom said she'll only wake up for a few seconds, be disoriented, and then sleep again. Other times when she wakes up she freaks out (pulls out her IV, tries to rip off her nightgown, etc.). Keep sending good vibes her way. She needs them.

Tonight we watched Svengoolie (the movie was The Car) and I will say that those two hours a week help relax me. Love Svengoolie. We also gamed somewhat and realized that it was time to end the game. So, Katrina (werewolf ranger who also ended up a vampire) will be over and done with and we'll be working on making up a new character sometime this week and starting a new game. I really liked this game and character, but the game had run its course.


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