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I am beyond exhausted. My body could use a nice 24 hours worth of sleep. Everything aches and the room swoons around me whenever I'm standing. I even get dizzy while sitting. While I'm in desperate need of some rest, I have about a month before I'll actually get some.

When I woke up this morning I wasn't refreshed and I was still dead tired. Shows you the quality of sleep I've been getting. Ugh. Unisom works for shit.

Today I finished my notecard outline for UCC 9 and got in half of the lecture for the UCC 9 essay. During my studies Rob and Gabriel headed to the grocery store for a few items and brought dinner back from Quizno's. I will never again buy anything from our local Quizno's.

I ordered the turkey, bacon, guacamole sandwich. What I got when Rob and Gabriel came back home was turkey on bread. No bacon, no guac, nothing but warm cold cut turkey and soggy bread. It wasn't what I ordered and it tasted like warm soggy turkey ass.

Tonight we gamed. It started off slow because we're both exhausted, but ended up really good.

Something I forgot to mention yesterday. Last night when we were out on our Krispy Kreme and Starbucks run we saw people already camping outside of the Cingular/AT&T stores waiting for the iPhone. Wow.

My Mom gives me daily updates on my Nana. Not much new to report except that her bitchy roommate is leaving tomorrow.


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