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3 Weeks From Tomorrow
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I spent today finishing up everything I needed to do for UCC 9. Ugh. I listened to the essay lecture, went over the book material, went over some practice tests, studied the book material, studied the notecards, and had quite a surprise when I went to take the practice exam. I read over the question and got a wee bit worried when I had absolutely no idea how to answer it. I had no idea what they were talking about. So, I decided to look at the model answer to see what the hell was going on. The essay was just labeled "UCC Essay". Turns out it was a UCC 3 essay on negotiable instruments. That's not on my bar and isn't something I've studied. Phew.

When I was done for the day the three of us headed out to pick up some Indian food for dinner. We also grabbed some Starbucks. Gabriel had a fit until we gave him some Chai. He's probably never going to sleep again.

Tonight I relaxed for two hours and watched Svengoolie, the movie was The Wolf Man. Yup, the original Lon Chaney Jr. one. Sweet. That made me very happy. When the movie was over with I bathed the Poopchuck.

Speaking of Poopchuck, Gabriel just lived up to his nickname. He pooped and Rob took him downstairs for a diaper change. In the middle of the diaper change, he kept pooping. It was all over the changing pad and all over him and his sleeper. So, it was time for another bath. Rob bathed him and now his pooped on stuff is in the laundry because it absolutely reeks. His entire room also reeks like poop. Joy.


Tonight, before coming upstairs to do my journal entry I decided to flip the calender over to July... and nearly pooped myself. The bar is now right there for me to see. It's no longer cushioned by a month or more in front of it. In fact, three weeks from tomorrow I'll be heading to the hotel. I'm not nearly ready.


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