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My Brain Is Going To Explode
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My brain feels like it's going to explode. It hurts and I can feel it pushing against my skull like it's swelling up and trying to escape. My head is killing me. Meds have helped slightly and the migraine aspects are gone, but the pain is still there. I think my brain is on strike and doesn't want me to cram anything else into it. Sorry brain, there's lots more to come!

Today I listened to the Family Law essay lecture and read over the corresponding book materials. By the time I was done my brain was on strike. I'm sure it will try to kill me tomorrow when it finds out we're switching to Civil Procedure. Shhh, don't tell it... maybe I'll try and sneak up on it with the Civ Pro.

When I finished up with today's bar review, it was time to get some errands done. The three of us headed out. First stop was the drug store for me to get my monthly prescription medications (allergy pills and my daily asthma inhaler). Second stop was Ulta where they did not have my shampoo and conditioner in stock. I'll check the online store for them. Then we got dinner from Chipotle to take home with us and drinks from Starbucks.

Tonight we decided to put a hold on my new D&D character (Akishra the half-farspawn cleric of the Old Ones) because neither of us had been feeling it for the first three games. We'll try it again down the road. So, we made up a new character (Chalice, the half-celestial paladin). We're both excited about this game and will probably start it off in a few days time.


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