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Today it was back to work. I would have loved another day off, but it's getting down to the wire and I am so unprepared for this thing. I got my confirmation letter from the state bar today with all of the details in it. Much like the California one, I can only bring certain items with me. My ID, pencils, and one eraser. I can't bring in pens (apparently those are provided for the essay portion by the bar) and I can't bring in any medication. What the hell??? I was allowed to bring my asthma rescue inhaler with me for the California bar and I ended up needing it one of the days. I'm a bit worried about not having it with me and needing it during one of the tests. I think that rule is insane.

So, today I finished up my notecard outline of Civil Procedure. Ugh. Painful, but done. I worked my butt off and managed to be finished up for the day around 5:30pm which meant I got to get out of the house with Rob and Gabriel to get dinner. Yay!

Rob found a semi-local dim sum restaurant out here. From what he can tell, it's the only one in the Milwaukee area. We decided to check it out. Unlike our old dim sum haunt back in LA it serves dim sum the entire time they're open and has take out. *drools*. We ordered a ton of it as take out.

Tonight we just chilled out and ate our dim sum. Neither of us has had any since before Gabriel was born. It was great and we'll definitely be ordering from this restaurant again down the road. Rob gave the Poopchuck a bath tonight.

While I was studying today Rob and Gabriel played outside. Gabriel ran up to a group of kids to play and went up to the girl and said hi. He's such a flirt.

It's hotter than hell out here and just going to keep getting hotter. With the heat close to 100 and the humidity super high I feel like I'm constantly surrounded by a sticky sweaty film and it's disgusting.

Nana Update: She's still in the hospital and they're trying to decide where she should go next. She's having some problems with her physical therapy because when she was in the other section of the hospital the staff didn't turn her enough and now she has huge bedsores on her heels which make it nearly impossible to walk. I really am not impressed with the hospital she's in.


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