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Gabriel has a new word - Ema. It took us awhile, but we finally figured out that he's trying to say Elmo. If he sees Elmo he'll jump up and down and yell "Ema! Ema! Ema!". He also has taken a liking to the word "mine". Today he grabbed Rob's glasses of his face and said "mine".

Today I finished up Family Law. I read through all of the book materials, studied my note cards, and went over the Family Law / Civil Procedure combo essay. Hence why I waited to study the Family Law stuff until after I did my Civ Pro outlining. Tomorrow I finish up Civ Pro.

When I was done we headed out to grab some dinner (we did dim sum again, my god is that stuff good). When we got home we did some gaming and the Poopchuck stripped down to his diaper and ran around like a madman, occasionally trying to take the diaper off as well.

It's insanely hot out here.

I'm also pissed off because once again Svengoolie was pre-empted by a stupid Brewers game. I'm beginning to not like the Brewers since they're cutting into my Svengoolie. *snifflewah* Tonight was The Mummy (the original) and I love that movie. It would have been nice to see it. *pouts*


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