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It is insanely hot here today and humid to boot. There's something wrong with our air conditioner and even at night we can't get the temp in our place to fall below the mid 70's. The only relief from the heat is when we're in the car. With the heat and humidity combo it feels like a sauna outside. I don't remember the last time I wasn't sweating. This is sick.

Today I finished up with Civ Pro as I slowly basted and cooked inside our apartment. I read over all of the book materials (of which there was a lot), then took a cold shower, then studied the note cards that I had made.

When I was done with my bar review studies for the day (around 5pm) the three of us headed to the grocery store to do a big shop. When we were done we headed back home and decided to order in pizza because firing up the stove would only make it all the hotter in here.

We let Gabriel have a Teletubbies marathon and then I gave him a bath. He was hot and sweaty, I was hot and sweaty, and so we had a nice cold bath.

My wrist hurts like hell and I'm tired.

I can't wait until fall is here.


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