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Waiting For Fall
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Is it fall yet? No? How about now? Seriously. Cold please. Now. I'm impatient.

This morning the air conditioning guy came in to check out our AC. He added some freon to it and cleaned things out. On the bright side, air seems to be coming out colder and with more force. On the down side, something is now fucked up with our thermostat. Even though we have it set to 68 or 69, it keeps shutting itself off at 72. Before the guy was here it would run and only shut off when it got to the temp we set it at (which it almost never did). Now it turns off on its own even though it's not at the set temp. *sigh*

Today I started working on making my note card outline of Corporations. Oh yeah, that subject is a real winner. *yawn* It's a freaking miracle for me to stay awake during it. Gah. Boring.

Speaking of bar review... a big thanks goes out to Lisa who sent me two Federal Income Tax outline books she had! You rock and are a lifesaver!!!

Tonight we watched Hell's Kitchen and gamed. The game was really fun.


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