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Ova Bebe Me!
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Those of you who follow along on my journal know that Gabriel now has a bit of a patty cake obsession. He'll walk over to someone, grab their hands, and make them do all the patty cake motions (including making a B). After many rounds of patty cake with his Daddy this morning Gabriel said "ova bebe me" after it was done with. At first, Rob thought he was babbling. But he did it every time after patty cake ended. Then the lightbulb went on (those of you with kids know that we parents can be pretty slow when it comes to understanding baby talk). He was saying "oven baby me". The end of patty cake is "put it in the oven for the baby and me" and his response was "ova bebe me". Love it.

Today I finished my notecard outline for Corporations. *snore* So. Very. Boring. By the time I was done my whole body was sore from being hunched over, I think I pinched a nerve in my neck, and my wrist was in a whole lot of pain. Less than two weeks. *shudder*

Tonight Rob cooked breakfast for dinner and we watched America's Got Talent. We also made up the paladin mount for my D&D character now that she's at the level where she can summon a special mount. Rob gave the Poopchuck a bath.


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