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Finished Up Another Subject
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Today I worked my ass off and finished up everything for Corporations. Bored!!! I read over all of the book materials (of which there was a lot), studied my note cards, listened to the lecture, and went over the practice essays. I worked my butt off so that I could be done by 4:30pm and get some errands done as well.

Once my work was over with we headed out. We made a bank run so that Rob could run in and make a deposit and so that I could get some cash out. We stopped at the drug store for me to get a prescription. And then we grabbed dinner at Chipotle and brought that home along with some Starbucks as well.

Tonight we watched So You Think You Can Dance (the final dance was probably the best dance I've seen so far this season and comes in only second to the zombie dance from last season for any dance I've seen on the show... if I can find it on You Tube I'll post in on an entry here *drools*). We also gamed as much as we could with various distractions (Rob's work, TV, and Gabriel).

I'm thinking of being a very bad girl. The Ren Faire started up here a little while back and I'm dying to go. The temp this weekend looks to be halfway decent. So, I'm so tempted to be bad and take a day off to head to the Faire. I shouldn't, but I really want to. We'll see what wins out come this weekend.


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