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Super Busy Day
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Whew. Today was harsh. I did manage to get PR done in two, instead of three, days. Which means if the weather isn't baking outside I don't feel bad about taking a day off for the Ren Faire this weekend.

I finished my notecard outline, studied it over, listened to the lecture, and went over the book materials. I also did laundry from the time I got up until just a few minutes ago. I managed to get our clothes, our towels, the baby clothes, and the baby's sheets and towels done. All in all there were 6 loads. I also made a run out to the drug store when we were on our way out to grab dinner and bring it home.

Tonight we had dim sum for dinner (Rob was brave and decided to finally order and try the chicken feet, that turned out to be not such a good idea) and gamed. Unfortunately, the food didn't sit very well with me. Now I'm just trying to get my daily stuff done online and then it will be time for sleep. Yay! Sleep! At this point it looks like there will be some thunderstorms tomorrow, so we'll probably be doing the Faire on Sunday. It will be hotter out, but we don't want to take the Poopchuck out in a thunderstorm even if it means cooler temps.


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