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So Nice
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This is so nice. Due to a time mess up on my part (a good one) I'm taking the weekend off. The whole weekend! I suck at math and figured out how much time I had left before the bar and how much I'd need to crunch to take one day off for the Ren Faire. Well, this morning as I was about to start in on my last subject, I realized that I didn't need to go crazy putting three days of PR into two and that I was all right time wise. Not only did I kind of forget that I can study on Saturday of next weekend (my Mom's coming in that day, but I can still study), but Fed Tax has no lecture so it will take me probably two (maybe three) days to outline. If I start that on Monday then I'll have 3 or 4 days to study over all of my notecards. Not to mention Sunday night at the hotel room, Monday morning, and Monday night after orientation. I know I've been pushing myself hard and it's showing... physically, mentally, and emotionally. I don't want to be crazy and/or burned out during the actual bar. So I'm giving myself this weekend off, I'm not feeling guilty about it, and I'm loving it. If I don't pass the bar I know it has nothing to do with taking these two days off. With all that I've been doing I really can't do much more and at least if I don't pass I know I did my best and did everything I could do to try and pass.

Heh. I just did something that involves common sense. How weird it that?

Today, I slept in. And let me tell you, it felt so good. Of course Sydney kept me up until 6am freaking out because it was raining out (he's a California cat, go figure) and yowling and being the crazy ass cat that he is. Even though the cat kept me awake, the sleeping in was nice.

Once we were all awake and ready to head out we got a few errands done. We stopped off at Babies R Us for some items (a smaller diaper bag, an umbrella stroller, and lots of diapers) and then we did a quickie mall run. Rob got some air fresheners for his car and I got Gabriel more Pluffies (what, I can spoil him). I also grabbed some tank tops that were on sale at Lane Bryant. I desperately need new panties (bet you needed to know that, didn't you), but they didn't have the style I like in so I'll get them online if they have them there. For some odd reason, they weren't selling any of the cute ones in the store... just the BIG granny ones. Meh. After the mall we grabbed some Starbucks and Olive Garden to bring home with us. We had dinner and found out that Gabriel does not like minestrone soup.

Yet again Svengoolie was pre-empted by a baseball game *piss-grumble-moan*. That does not make me happy. We put together the new diaper bag for tomorrow and put together his umbrella stroller as well. It will be nice having a more compact stroller for things like the Faire and not having to always lug around the big one. I gave the Poopchuck a bath and now I'm trying to get a few things done online. As soon as Gabriel goes to sleep, I'll be going to sleep as well.


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