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Ren Faire
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The weather channel lies. The predicted HIGH for the area of the Faire yesterday was 78. By the time we left the Faire (because we were frying) it was 93.

Yesterday (Sunday) we made our first visit (there will be, at the very least, one more visit this season) to the Bristol Renaissance Faire. It's run by the same company that runs the Renaissance Pleasure Faire (the one that's in SoCal). Parking was less than spectacular and there was a long climb up a hill to get to the Faire. I learned that unstable ground covered in rocks really jacks up my knees and ankles.

The Faire out here is less expensive than the one in SoCal was, and it was a lot bigger! Maybe, about twice the size of the one we used to go to! It also had a lot of trees so it wasn't too hard to find a shaded spot to sit in when things got too hot. Though it's once again the time of the Cicada (apparently I came back right in time for the hatching of the 17 year Cicadas) and we could hear them all up in the trees. Luckily, they stayed up in the trees.

Even though it was hot and I sweated in places that shouldn't even have sweat glands, it was fun. Gabriel was super fussy and spent the first half of the time screaming (he's cutting a new tooth and didn't like being in the stoller) and the second half of the Faire sleeping. He seemed to like it better last year when he was only seven weeks old. But then again last year we weren't cooking.

We wandered most of the Faire, ate some yummy Faire food (they have brats out here, mmmmmmmm), and checked out the shops. We picked up some cool wall hangings and some plushie swords to play around with. Gabriel likes to take his apart. Rob and Gabriel went on a ride and that's what ended up calming Gabe down enough to take a nap. Rob made a run through a kiddie maze to find a "gold" coin.

All in all it was a very fun time, though I'm really hoping we can find a cooler day to head back. We didn't get everything done, but it was so uncomfortably hot that we couldn't stay any longer. We headed out around 3pm.

On the way home we made a stop off at White Castle (there's one in the Kenosha area) for an early dinner. I haven't had White Castle since I was 16 or so. Those things are yummy.

When we got home I took an ice cold bath to help me cool down and it felt amazing. I just soaked in cold water for awhile and Rob pondered at the fact that I could run only cold water in the tub and then love soaking in it. Yes, I am a penguin. Later that night we gamed a bit and then headed to bed right after Gabriel fell asleep. We were both exhausted.

Today it was time to get back to work. I had a "Faire hangover" which has nothing to do with alcohol (I only drank water yesterday). A "Faire hangover" is when I'm achey, my skin is super hot to the touch (I soak in sun and heat to a scary degree, I'm pretty sure pasty white people like me don't belong in the sun), and I have a raging headache. That didn't help that today was my first day of outlining Federal Income Tax.

Ugh. Tax. I hate it and it's boring. I managed to start in out my notecard outline. I should be able to finish that up either tomorrow or Wednesday. I'm giving myself a possible extra day for the outlining because I'm having to work through a 200 page book for it.

Special thanks go out to Lisa for sending me her Tax outline books! You rock.

Tonight we chilled out and watched Hell's Kitchen. I love that show. Am I the only one who finds Gordon Ramsay somewhat attractive when he's going off on one of his "donkey" rants? Hrm...

Anyway, I also got some laundry done today (clothing and towels), three loads in total. And Rob gave Gabriel his bath. The Poopchuck has yet to poop. I think we're in for something frightening before he falls asleep.


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