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Warning, there's TMI in the next paragraph. Skip it if you don't want to read. The TMI will end after the next paragraph.

There are a lot of things I really don't need before the bar. One of them is blood coming out of my ass. I woke up this morning and went to the bathroom and there was blood on the toliet paper. At first I wondered why the hell I'd be getting my period now (I'm not due at the moment) and then realized it wasn't coming from there. I was coming from my butt. Great. I tried to ignore it and move on with my day. After dinner tonight I got severe pains and ran into the bathroom. I spent about fifteen minutes shooting bloody (and somewhat mucus ridden) diarrhea out my butt. There was a decent amount of blood. I now feel cold (which for me is about as abnormal as you can get), dizzy, and weak. I really hope this goes away before I head out tomorrow. While I really don't need blood coming out of my butt at any point in my life, I definitely don't need it a few days before the bar exam.

My Mom arrived today and she'll be heading with me to the bar while Rob stays home with Gabriel. I have yet to spend more than a few hours away from my baby (and that was only once on Rob's b-day when we saw a movie) and I'm not comfortable being away from Gabriel for 4 days. I'm also not thrilled about not being around my sweetie either. This is going to suck. On the bright side, my Mom will be there which helps a lot considering things like purses, medicine, and even your hotel room key are banned from the testing area.

Mom offered to watch the Poopchuck if Rob and I wanted to make a run to the Ren Faire, to the Waukesha County Fair (which is about two minutes from our apartment), or even if we just wanted to head out to dinner. I decided to spend the day in due to what I mentioned in the previous paragraph. It's a good thing I did too considering what happened after dinner. Yeech.

So, we chilled out around the house and Rob ran out to get Olive Garden for dinner while my Mom and I stayed home with the Poopchuck. Unfortunately, when Rob got back home he realized that they had completely forgotten Gabe's dinner. So he called them and made a run back to get it. Every time we get take out from them, something is screwed up or missing. This time it sucked hard because it was Gabe's cheese pizza.

Tonight Svengoolie was finally on again (the past two weeks it had been pre-empted by Brewers games) and so we watched it. Tonight's movie was The Mummy's Tomb. Hooray for Svengoolie!

Tomorrow I'll be packing and my Mom and I will be heading to the hotel. There's only one location in all of Wisconsin for the bar and it's in the Madison area. I think they have a business center, but I really don't know if I'll have the time to use it and post. If I do, cool. If not (and I think I'll be spending most of my time cramming notecard information into my head) then I'll post when I'm back home.

If you're interested here's my schedule:
Sunday: Drive to the hotel and check in.
Monday: Registration and orientation.
Tuesday: Essays. 8-10 essays in 6 hours.
Wednesday: Multiple choice. Another 6 hours and I don't off hand know how many questions. A lot. We'll also be coming home Wednesday night after the bar is over. I'll probably spend most of Thursday in a coma.


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