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Mmmmm... Nothing
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Nothing can be a very nice thing. Especially when there has been too much of something going on. Now that the bar is over with I'm waiting for results. I can't look for a job until I'm licensed and I can't start studying because I don't know for sure that I failed (though I have a sneaking suspicion that I might have). After spending the last three months studying constantly (sometimes to the point of having break downs) it's nice to have nothing that I have to do right now. It's nice to spend time with my husband and baby. It's nice to be able to just relax.

Today I just chilled out (well, more sweated out considering the temps out here are sweltering) around the house. Gabriel runs around the apartment like a mad man and while it's cute to watch, I absolutely love the times he comes to me and climbs up on me and just cuddles. There is nothing better in the entire world than cuddling my baby.

Gabriel has taken to bringing us things he wants. He's been doing this for a bit now, but it's getting very specific. He knows what cabinet we keep his food in, he'll bring out a dish he wants to eat (today it was a sweet potato and carrot dish), and bring it to one of us to cook up and let him eat. He'll also find other random things (like Cheese-Its) and bring those to us as well when he wants them.

I think it's time Rob and I find a way to lock our nightstand. Or move the things in it into something that's locked. Gabriel got into it and started playing with something that was not a baby toy. I'm not posting the details on here so either check my private journal or e-mail me for the specifics.

Tonight we watched Hell's Kitchen and chased Poopchuck all over the apartment. It was bath night and I gave him his bath. He kept trying to put his face into the water and every time I would stop him he would have a giggle fit. He's a weird little dude.


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Read/Post Comments (3)

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