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All Your Laundry Is Belong To Poopchuck
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Gabriel absolutely loves to go through our laundry basket. I'm not sure why, but sometimes he even attempts to try the dirty clothes on (usually on his head). He also likes to steal dirty laundry (most recently my panties) and run away with them yelling "mine, mine, mine". I've said it before and I'll say it again, we have a weird little dude. Then again I guess that's to be expected considering who his parents are.

Gabriel now has taste and boy does this little guy know what he wants! If we put on a DVD for him that he's not in the mood for he'll walk over and take it right out of the DVD player. He knows how to work it. Now we need to give him a choice of what to watch and he'll pick what he's in the mood for. When a show is over with if he wants another one he'll bring the remote to one of us. And he likes to take his toys and bitch slap the people on TV when a show that's not one of his is on.

He's also entering the "terrible twos" early. *sigh* He's only 17 months and he's already started tantrums. If he tries to take something and we won't let him have it he has an absolute tantrum. Maybe starting it early will mean he'll end it early?

Gabriel now has another nickname other than Poopchuck. He's a Dice Rat. He has a weird obsession with trying to get our dice when we're gaming. He then takes them into the kitchen and rolls them, carefully checking each one to see what he rolled. Dice Rat and a future gamer to boot!

Today I finally was able to come up with a workable concept for Rob's online game. He's running an online huge Ravenloft game on a role playing website. After many failed ideas and one character I was really wanting to play that just wouldn't work, I finally came up with one that will (hopefully) work and fit a good party niche. I'm playing a True Innocent/Healer. I also found someone running a Stand (yes, a role playing game based on Stephen King's "The Stand" novel) game that I'm thinking about applying to as well.

Tonight we watched Big Brother and gamed. The dice rat Poopchuck kept stealing our dice away and throwing tantrums when we took them back. Heh.


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Nebuchadnezzar (The Matrix)


Which sci-fi crew would you best fit in with? (pics)
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