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We've got a weather alert going until 6:30pm TOMORROW night. Uh-oh. Looks like we're going to be getting some nasty storms through here. While I don't mind the rain (as long as I don't have to drive in it), I hate thunderstorms. Thunder and lightning freaks the hell out of me. We get a lot of thunderstorms out here. At least in Los Angeles when it did rain, there was rarely ever thunder and lightning to go along with it.

Today I got to chill out with my hubby and baby. I really like being able to spend time with them and play with Gabriel and not have to worry about the job hunt or studying, at least for now. I'll deal with all of that when I get my bar results back.

We ran out on some errands today. We made a bank run and a post office run. We grabbed dinner at the Japanese place where we picked a menu up from yesterday and brought that home along with some Starbucks iced chais. Wow, that place was really good. Not only do they have sushi, but also hibachi dinners (like Benihana) and you can get those to go. Yum!

Tonight we watched So You Think You Can Dance, played with the Poopchuck (who had many a tantrum when we wouldn't give him any chai... thanks mom), and gamed. Game rocked.


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