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Ren Faire Take Two
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Today we went to the Ren Faire for the second time this season. Woot! It pleases me to know that we'll probably be going again either next weekend or the weekend after to meet up with an old friend and her family.

We got up at 7:30 am this morning and were able to get out the door around 9am. There was rain in the forecast for today, so we wanted to get to the Faire as close to opening as possible. We did well and pulled into the parking lot around 10am (which is when they open the doors to the Faire). This time we got a great parking spot.

Today was the perfect day for the Faire. The temp was in the high 60's and the sky was completely cloudy. I cannot stand hot weather and the sun is not my friend, so cloudy and cool (though I do prefer colder ideally) was amazing. Yes, it rained, but I'd rather have that than hot temps!

We were able to go around pretty much the whole Faire area. We had a lot of fun and it was nice being there and not covered in sweat. The rain kicked in a little before noon, but we were prepared. We had umbrellas and a rain cover for Gabriel's stroller.

I'm pretty sure we saw Nerull at the Faire. No shit. There was a very tall guy in a black hooded robe who was carrying a staff with an animal skull on top of it. All you could really see from under the hood was a super long beard. Scary.

I did some shopping at the Faire. I bought a puzzle ring (I needed to special order it for my size and the color I wanted it in) to replace the one I used to always wear that no longer fits after having Gabriel. I'm getting it done in rose and green gold. *squee* I also got a neat coin necklace. Last time we were there I checked out the mask shop to see if they had any skull masks and they didn't. I'd been wanting one for the last few years and have never been able to find a good one. Today, they had one in. It's not leather so there's no give and I was warned it will either fit perfectly or not at all. I think the lady said it was made out of venetian (I have no idea what that is). Anyway, they had only one in and when I tried it on it fit like it was meant for me. Amazing. They had just gotten it in today. Needless to say, I now have my skull mask. *double squee*

We had a blast at the Faire and the rain didn't really bother us. I hid under an umbrella and Gabriel had his rain stroller cover on when the rain got bad. We spent about four hours there and ended up heading out around 2pm because Gabriel would not stop screaming. After pitching a fit for about an hour straight, we decided it was time to leave.

On the way home we grabbed some White Castle and then headed back to our apartment. When we got home, the Squishable that Rob had gotten for me was here! I didn't know which one it was and was super happy when I found myself the proud new owner of a Squishable Octopus! Today was a great day.

Gabriel crashed when we got home and so Rob and I did as well. I ended up passing out from around 4pm to around 6:45pm. I needed the sleep. I didn't sleep much at all the night before. Oh, and once again last night I wore one of those detox foot pads (on the other foot). So far, it seems to be pulling some really nasty crap out of my body.

Tonight we gamed and watched Svengoolie (yay, no Brewers game). Tonight's movie was Abbot and Costello Meet Dr. Jekyl and Mr. Hyde. I dug it. I also got all of the baby laundry loads washed up.


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