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Power Outage
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As of last night I've started trying Takara foot pads to help detox my body. They're supposed to cleanse your body and make you fell better overall. I figured it's worth a shot. God damn, do those things smell when they're taken off! And the sludge on them is just plain nasty. Ew. Hope it means they're working. If you're interested in seeing what the hell I'm talking about, the link is here.

Today we had a power outage. No idea why, but it seemed to hit our whole neighborhood. It's so different out here, people started going outside, hanging out, and firing up their barbeques. I love it here. I also found out that our hot water heater is gas operated which meant that I could still take a shower and not have it be ice cold. Sweet!

Once the power was back on and we could open our garage door, we headed out. We made a stop off at Babies R US for a "baby leash". We're going to try and head to the Ren Faire this weekend if the rain isn't too bad and want Gabriel to be able to walk around a bit without running off on us. He's fast, faster than we are. Hence, the baby leash. We have one that's a harness and one that attaches to his wrist. We tried them out and he hates the wrist one, but doesn't seem to mind the harness one much.

Tonight we watched a bit more of The Stand and I gave the Poopchuck a bath. I also did up three loads of laundry (our clothes).


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