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Earlier today we had Gabriel's 18 month pediatrician check up. He was fussy as usual and had a tantrum when we took away one of the waiting room toys because it was time to go into the doctor's room. He's doing very well and is advanced. Yay! Unfortunately, he's also advanced when it comes to the terrible twos. He's already having tantrums and the doctor assured us that biting himself and hitting his head on things during said tantrums is normal. He's weighing in at a little more than 23 pounds and was around 31 inches long. He's still short and skinny for his age group, but physically and mentally he's ahead of the curve. We don't have another check up until he's 2, though we'll probably need to take him in for a flu shot this fall.

Gabriel's also becoming a little gymnast. He hopped up onto the comfy chair today and used his arms to vault off of the chair (using the arm of the chair) and landed on his feet. He thought this was the funniest thing in the world and kept showing off.

Today, Rob's family came into the area. They're not staying near us, they're staying in Kenosha (which is between here and Chicago because there are some things they wanted to see and do in Chicago while they're out here). My Mom-in-law, Dad-in-law, and Sis-in-law Ellen all came out. John is in England on business and Donna couldn't make it due to circumstances beyond her control which came up last minute. Their plane was supposed to take off around 12:30 or so, but didn't take off until 4:30 because the flight attendants never showed up for the flight. And then they had weight problems and had to ask people to get off the plane because it weighed too much! They did make it in safe and sound though. They flew into O'Hare airport in Chicago.

Between when we got home from the pediatrician appointment and when the family got into Chicago, we had some free time on our hands. Gabriel took a nap and so we finished up watching The Stand.

The family called us when they had gotten their rental car and were on their way to their hotel. Rob, Gabriel, and I got ready and headed down there to meet them. My father-in-law recently severely hurt his back and so after all of their travelling we decided it would be for the best to head down and see them. Besides, it was fun chilling out with them in their hotel room.

When we got there we spent some time just talking and chilling out in their hotel room. Gabriel ran around like a madman. They now know that he really never stops moving. We then headed across the street and had dinner at Cracker Barrel. Wow, that's some good food! Gabriel was his usual fussy self and refused to eat his dinner. This is normal out to eat behaviour for him. *sigh* After dinner we headed back to the hotel room for awhile and then headed back home. Oh, Ellen got Gabriel a super cool gift - a really neat toy truck. We put his bunny in it and he had a blast driving it around.

We drove home in the rain, but the traffic was fine and the roads weren't that bad at all. Now we're here and I'm getting a few things done online before heading to bed. While Gabriel didn't fall asleep on the ride home as we had hoped, he did fall asleep recently after his sippy cup of warm milk.


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