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Visiting Nana
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Today my Mom headed over to see my Nana around noonish. The rest of us headed over around 4ish. We made a run to Menard's to pick up a remote control for her light and then headed on over there.

Gabriel was a spaz, but on his various runs around the facility, the other older people there seemed to like him a lot. He was also enthralled by the birds in the lobby.

While there I spoke to my Uncle Kim about the problems with my car. He does work on cars and restores them for fun. He said with a Lexus, that the computer really would suck up that much battery and that for a car of its age what was happening was normal. Good to have that confirmed by someone else. He also recommended that I go to an auto supply store and get a trickle charger. He uses them in his cars when he knows that they won't be driven for long periods of time. He used one on a car that wasn't driven from November until April and with the trickle charger it started up just fine. I think I'll be looking into getting one of those in this coming week.

Visiting with Nana went well. She seems to be doing all right, but her first night there was rough. She said she woke up at 2am and had no idea where she was. When she reoriented herself and realized where she was she couldn't fall back asleep.

Rob, Gabriel, and I headed out around 8pm. My Mom got back here a little after 9pm. Rob's out now picking up some pizzas for dinner and my Mom is playing with Gabriel so I can get some work done on the computer.


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